Which is the best Deo in India?

by - 7/16/2018

How many breakthrough products do you know of? You know a product that comes in and gives birth to an entire industry. Deodorant was that breakthrough product for Indian men which gave birth to an entire line of products related to men's grooming, skincare and whatnot.

Now, obviously, a deodorant is totally a matter of personal preference and it will be very difficult to come up with a 'one size fits all'. But that being said, Urban Purush gives it the best shot possible listing our top 3 most favorites,

1. Old Spice Whitewater

2. FCUK Urban

3. Park Avenue Voyage

All of these are elegant. Not too overpowering. They aren't fruity, sporty, floral or sweet candy types like some others out there.

The inspiration for this post has been Beer Biceps who recently listed 10 budget friendly deos. The video is listed below but first here is where you can buy these Deos,

Buy Now: (More at Amazon)

Video courtesy Beer Biceps

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