Looking for the most formal shoe? Oxfords or Wholecuts?

by - 7/21/2018

"It is totally impossible to be well-dressed in cheap shoes!"

A famous quote in the field of men's style. Urban Purush is in 100% agreement with it.

Every man needs a good pair of formal shoes and if you have been only wearing sneakers and sports shoes all your life it gets a bit tricky. What kind of formal shoes would be best suited for your friend's wedding or that job interview?

You will obviously have a different choice for every different occasion, however what could be the topmost formal shoe out there? A whole cut or an oxford?

Although Antonio Centeno over at Real Men Real Style gives his final opinion and Urban Purush doesn't necessarily disagree with it but the difference between these two shoe types are very miniscule and you can get away with either of them. Below are the best picks before we head to the video,

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Video courtesy Real Men Real Style

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