Shaved, Trimmed or Natural - What do women prefer when it comes to pubes!

by - 7/07/2018

Some time ago, there was this article in The Economist magazine talking about how the porn industry has been the catalyst for changing the perceptions and preferences of body hair. Nobody likes Anil Kapoor or Akshay Kumar from the 90s anymore!

And since we are talking about body hair, since we are talking about grooming let's get down (quite literally) to the question that could seem very taboo - pubic hair! There it is, we said it!

What do women prefer when it comes to hair below the belt?

In his latest video, Jose Zuniga takes it to the road and asks girls what kind of hair do they prefer below the belt. Unsurprisingly, the majority answered trimmed. Below are some of our top trimmer picks,

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Video courtesy Teaching Men's Fashion

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