Is this the end of Jeans?

by - 4/21/2018

A very good question indeed! Has the 'athleisure' storm taken over the bullish run Jeans have had for decades? While the style gurus argue that athleisure could just be another trend that will be out in some time like those ugly-@$$ crocs the numbers tell a different story.

Recently covered in the Economist, Levi's topped annual revenues in 1990s to $7bn but came down to $4bn a decade ago in the late 2000s. Recently, however, the company has introduced new styles and have also revamped its supply chain while still not moving away from Denim and tarnishing its brand name in any way. Sales have been growing in parts of Europe and even the direct-to-consumer sales are on the rise in US.

Why did we cover only Levis and declared that the Denim continues to reign supreme? Because Levis is the original and a rise in business for Levis would mean a rise in business for other denim brands if they continue to stick to their roots.

We have covered both Jeans and Joggers in the past if you are interested to know more, do check those articles out. And before you leave, below are some of Urban Purush's favorite Levis recommendations,

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