Are Jeans Business Casual?

by - 10/13/2017

This has got to be one of the top few debatable questions in the World of men's style.

The answer to this typically depends upon an organization's culture. If your organization does not have specific clothing items listed as Business Casuals, many would treat jeans and tees as business casuals. But there are organizations that have defined business casuals as a Polo must.

When it comes to barebone definitions,

- Business Casual means business attire that is dressed down. That can be attained by chucking the tie off your suit or pairing an odd jacket. Business casual is not where you dress up your casual wear it is where you dress down your business wear. Read the previous sentence again!

- Jeans has always been a casual wear item. Yes, dark wash well-fitted denim can be dressed up and pass on as business casual but by the very nature of the denim material, a pair of jeans is a casual wear item. Please repeat, a pair of jeans is a casual wear item! (And if you are trying to dress your jeans up, don't you dare consider skinny jeans)

So the conclusion is the fact that jeans is a casual clothing item. It can be dressed up to fit the business casual environment based on your organization's culture. But in case clothing items for Business Casual attire are not explicitly defined and you are not aware of the organization culture, a pair of jeans shouldn't be your first choice.

Below are some jeans that are best choice when it comes to Business Casual,

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