Decoding the Hoodie - Types of Hoodies

by - 8/07/2017

Continuing the Urban Purush's series on Hoodies, let's talk about the different types of hoodies available out there. We have gone over the history of hoodies already and you can check that article out first to get a hang of the hoodies!

For the rest of us, lets get into the thick of things with the different types of hoodies available out there. Make use of these hoodies based on the occasion,

1. Pull over hoodie: There is no zip in the front in the pull over hoodie. It is more common amongst the students and the shape is loose so it’s easy for you to pull it on

2. Zip up hoodie: With the front zip for extra swag and comfort. These can be more slim fitting and is thus a good choice if you don't have the extra midsection flab to hide

3. Half zip hoodie: These are least common but a good half way house between a pullover and a zip up. Has a zip from your neck to the middle of your torso, giving you more room to pull your hoodie on, and meaning it can be a little slimmer fitting

So those are three types of hoodies you can find in the market if you are up for buying one. Which one would you prefer?

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